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Lifeboats & Davits

We supply a wide range of lifeboats, rescue boats, survival capsules, hook release systems,
davits and related equipment – all conforming to IMO and SOLAS 1983/96 regulations and EC
labeled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive. We can provide ABS, BVI, DNV,
LRS class approvals.

We also provide certified service agents for lifeboat inspections as well as efficient,
cost effective parts supply.

We also provide the following Lifeboats & Davits Equipments

 Conventional lifeboats up to 136 persons  Free-fall lifeboats up to 90 persons
 Fast rescue boats up to 8.5m  Fast rescue crafts up to 12m
 Fast daughter crafts up to 24 persons  Totally enclosed lifeboats
 Hook release systems