Canada: Crossing the Border

Canada: Crossing the Border

Canada: Crossing the Border


US citizens may not cross the border, returned in to the US, from Canada, making use of just a driver ‘s licence as well as birth certificate. Thanks to switches in U.S. law which took effect June one, 2009, there tend to be more stringent demands for what identification is required; see-the table below for a summary of appropriate documents.


This report covers traveling to Canada. When you are going to the United States, view United States: Crossing the Border.


Necessary Documents for Crossing the Border The papers necessary to cross the Canada U.S. border rely on the citizenship of yours, the age of yours, and also just how you are travelling. Please understand that customs officers are able to turn you out from the nation you’re attempting to visit; travelling without having the right documents can destroy the vacation of yours.


Canada has implemented an entry necessity named an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The eTA entry necessity is true to foreign nationals that are visa exempt and that are boarding an airplane to fly to Canada. Exceptions include Travellers and u.s. citizens with a legitimate visa. Entry requirements haven’t changed for all those travelling by sea or land.


The application process takes a couple of minutes and costs CA1dolar1 seven. The eTA is attached electronically to the passport of yours and remains valid for possibly 5 years or even to the expiry day of the passport of yours, whichever comes initially. Each traveller should submit an application. There’s no need to apply by way of a a third get-together at an inflated price. The recognized Government of Canada site is below.


Read the explanations of the application form areas here.


All passengers on arriving overseas flights fill in the easy customs declaration form passed out on the airplane.


Citizens on the United States This dinner table lists the documents you have in order to see Canada and to return home hassle free.


Scenario Present one of:

By Air

Children) and (adults


U.S. Passport

NEXUS card (pre approved lower risk travellers only)

Grownups Travelling

By Land or even By Sea


U.S. Passport

NEXUS and/or Fast card (pre approved lower risk travellers only)

U.S. Passport Card

Enhanced driver ‘s licence (EDL) (available only in MI, NY, VT, WA; additionally suggested in AZ, CA, TX)

Adults Travelling On an US Based Cruise For passengers on closed-loop cruises (cruises that begin as well as finish at the exact same U.S. port):


among the documents mentioned above, or

U.S. birth certificate and also government issued photo ID

Consult the cruise line of yours for more information about entry specifications at most ports of call.


Kids Travelling

By Land or even By Sea


Kids fifteen or maybe younger (or maybe 16 18 years old and traveling with an organized as well as monitored school, religious, and some other youth group) may provide proof of citizenship with no photo ID:


a U.S. birth certification (original, photocopy, and certified copy)

U.S. consular statement of birth abroad

Certificate of U.S. Naturalization

among the documents permitted for grownups (listed above) Kids (under eighteen) taking a trip not having equally parents: have a parental consent sales letter (see “Travelling with Children” below).


A passport (or NEXUS card) is necessary to cross the border by atmosphere. This applies whether your journey includes a flight between an American and canadian airport. Nevertheless, if you’ve an Enhanced Driver ‘s U.S or Licence. Passport Card, you are able to still get over the Canada/U.S. border as well as have a domestic flight (e.g. drive Buffalo to Toronto, fly round trip Toronto/Winnipeg, drive to Buffalo).


From CBSA ” If you’re a citizen on the United States, you don’t need a passport to get into Canada. Nevertheless, you need to bring proof of the citizenship of yours, like a birth certificate, certification of naturalization or citizenship and photo identification. ” Though you are going to need a Passport Book (if going by air), or maybe Passport Card (if going by land) to re enter the United States, therefore the border agents will verify you’ve it to have the ability to re enter the U.S.


For additional details, view Canada Border Services Agency


U.S. people having a criminal shoot (including damaged driving) must visit the department on criminal convictions in the bottom part of this web page. You should recognize that Canadian border guards have a chance to access databases listing U.S. criminal documents.


People of Other Countries Generally, in case you are not a Canadian or maybe U.S. citizen, you need a valid visa or passport to enter Canada. You will find 2 exceptions:


U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents might start using their I 551 (“Green Card”) — rather than a passport — for traveling between Canada and also the United States, by air flow, acreage, and ocean. The I 551 is recognized for entry to Canada, out of the U.S.; a U.S. long lasting resident doesn’t call for a visa to go to Canada, irrespective of citizenship. When re-entering the U.S., everlasting residents should present the I-551 of theirs. Notice that beginning March fifteen, 2016, U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents are going to require Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to get on a plane to Canada.

Residents of Greenland and St. Pierre and Miquelon might enter Canada from all those territories with proof of identity and citizenship. In case they enter from any other state, a passport is necessary.

Visitors from certain places might also call for a short-term Resident Visa to check out Canada, which you might apply for by way of a visa office in the own country of yours. Sometimes various other proof is directed for as well, like a sales copy of invitation from a Canadian resident.


Go to Citizenship as well as Immigration Canada (CIC) site to discover what goes for the situation of yours, or maybe check out the site on the Canadian embassy, consulate, or perhaps excessive commission in the home country of yours for specific info on everything you have to enter Canada. You can additionally get in touch with the embassy with virtually any questions.


For travellers that don’t call for a visa, Canada currently has a traveller pre approval system known as the Electronic Travel Authorization (like ESTA within the Country or maybe ETA found Australia). Starting March fifteen, 2016, this specific entry requirement becomes necessary. See paragraph at top part of post.



Tourists that are dual citizens of U.S or Canada and another nation don’t need an eTA. Nevertheless, they have to hold a valid Canadian or maybe U.S passport when putting in Canada.



Returning Canadian Citizens

Beginning November ten, 2016, Canadian people with dual citizenship will require a Canadian passport to panel an aircraft to or through Canada. They’ll not be able to enter or maybe transit Canada with a non Canadian passport.


What you will need for border crossings in your trip depends on where you are going:


Travel to/from the United States: discover United States: Crossing the Border for prerequisites, and Know The Border of yours (a recognized U.S. Customs and Border Protection net site).

Travel specifically to/from Mexico: As of March one, 2010, Canadian people call for a passport to check out Mexico. (Prior to March, it is nevertheless really advised, along with the majority of airlines now call for a passport to panel the flight.) See additionally Mexico: Crossing the Border.

Travel to/from other state: Check the country ‘s entry specifications — you’ll typically call for a passport, as well as could call for a visa. Additionally, the airline of yours will probably need you to have a passport to panel the flight.

Foreign Affairs as well as International Trade Canada provides a complete traveller’s checklist to enable you to prepare for the trip of yours.


Entering Canada: Special Situations and general Tips

Interview by Border Officer Carrying the essential documents doesn’t ensure admission into Canada. Guests will in addition have a job interview with a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer upon appearance to establish admissibility into the nation. These interviews are light, and also will likely be simpler in case you’re certain to maintain relevant information close at hand.


A border screening representative is going to ask some or perhaps most of the following concerns, “Where do you live? People of what nation? What’s the goal of your visit? Just how long are you going to be staying? Are you bringing something to keep (gifts, etc)? Are you earning any firearms, alcohol or tobacco? Do you’ve any kind of criminal convictions?” If taking a trip with kids, you might likewise be asked, ” Do your kids have evidence of identity?” In order to stay away from delay, be ready with easy straightforward answers to the questions. Remove some sunglasses, and also look the representative inside the eye when answering. If the representative has justification to suspect the validity of the answers of yours, particularly concerning identity, firearms, alcohol and tobacco, you’ll be required to move over and article inside the key customs building where you need to develop identity papers and will probably have a car search – every one of that is usually extremely time consuming.


Travelling with Kids If a kid is going with one mom or dad, the border expertise recognized might require a letter of permission from the other parent or maybe documentation which demonstrates the lone parent will be the child’s only guardian. If a kid is going with someone other than his or maybe the guardian of her, border authorities will want to visit a letter of authorization from both of the kid’s mothers and fathers or guardians. Preferably, the letter must be notarized. You are able to use this particular sample letter of consent as being a place to start.


Travellers with Criminal Convictions, Including Impaired Driving People with criminal convictions, including impaired operating convictions contains an issue when entering Canada, though it’s in the discretion on the border guard if you should allow you into the nation or even take you inside for secondary assessment. If you’re yanked to the secondary assessment they are going to look into the situation and determine if you should allow you to continue on or turn you around. The greater number of information and documentation you’ve to offer them the better (court scanned documents, etc.).


DWI or DUI offences not to mention other misdemeanours are considered severe offenses in Canada, plus they impact the admissibility of yours. In general, in case you’ve only one conviction and it’s much more than ten years after the conclusion of the sentence of yours, you might be permitted to keep on into Canada, but just if the CBSA officer is able to verify all the information of yours. For more info, view Overcoming Criminal Inadmissibility. If in question, communication Immigration Canada or a Canadian embassy.


Restrictions on Firearms along with other Weapons Canadian firearms regulations differ considerably from firearms laws within the United States. In case you’re contemplating bringing the firearm of yours into Canada, be sure you’re acquainted with the appropriate laws; possession of specific firearms in Canada is unlawful, and also you might find these firearms (called “prohibited weapons”) will probably be seized with the border. Some other firearms are authorized, but subject to strict laws concerning their secure storage and transportation. Make certain you’re acquainted with laws before you get into Canada. The Canadian Firearms Centre’s point sheet, Firearm Users Visiting Canada, will respond to some simple issues.


Pepper squirt, mace as well as stun guns (Tasers) can also be unlawful (prohbited weapons) when crossing directly into Canada. They should be declared (or chance a 1dolar1 500 ) that is fine and also surrendered to the owner and the authorities will have to complete an abandonment form. It’s not feasible to regain the item(s) upon go back on the United States.